Isa (kiryuutougasama) wrote,

So I recently started watching NANA (I know, I'm years behind the times). Holy crap this show is amazing >.> A lot of shoujo series get extremely annoying and predictable because everything seems to revolve around people trying to break up the couple, an under-confident girl, and a super "perfect" guy, thankfully NANA isn't like that.

Work has been ridiculous lately. I've had the same file come back to me for modifications, I literally spent an entire week and earned less than $200 because I kept having to go back to that same file again and again.

And apparently one of my friends is starting a D&D 3.5 group. It looks like we'll only have 3 PCs and a DM, but maybe that'll grow soon. Keep in mind, I haven't really played since AD&D (i.e. D&D 2nd ed), so it'll be interesting learning the new system and playing a game I haven't played for.... 10+ years. Now if only we had a meat-tank, right now we have a spellthief (me) and a druid.
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